Chad Daybell’s Murder Trial Scheduled for April 2024

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Chad Daybell’s trial for multiple murder charges, including the deaths of his wife Lori’s children Joshua and Tylee, is set to take place on April 1, 2024, at the Ada County Courthouse in Boise, Idaho. Initially expected to be tried together, the court decided to separate the cases against Chad and Lori Daybell in March, as announced by Judge Steven Boyce.

Chad Daybell faces six charges, including the murder of Joshua and Tylee, as well as the murder of his first wife, Tammy Daybell. The children were last seen in September 2019 when Lori and Chad took them to Yellowstone National Park. Concerned grandparents reported their disappearance to the police in November 2019 after being unable to contact them for several months.

During their trip to Yellowstone, Lori and Chad were dating, but they married on November 5, 2019, in Hawaii. As the investigation progressed, authorities searched Daybell’s property in 2020, where they made a shocking discovery of human remains. Further investigation confirmed that the remains belonged to Joshua and Tylee. Joshua, aged 7, was found wrapped in duct tape, while Tylee, aged 16, had been badly burned.

While Chad Daybell’s trial is scheduled for next year, Lori Daybell is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.


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