Carlee Russell Update: Guilty of Fabricating Own Abduction

Carlee Russell Update: Guilty of Fabricating Own Abduction

Carlee Russell, 26, was convicted by Hoover’s Municipal Judge Brad Bishop for falsely claiming her own kidnapping. Despite her not guilty plea to charges of misleading law enforcement and falsifying an incident, Judge Bishop delivered the guilty verdict following state prosecutors’ recommendations.

Judge Bishop proposed a one-year jail sentence, $17,874 in restitution, and two separate fines of $831 each. In municipal courts, there’s no jury trial; however, those facing potential imprisonment have the constitutional right to have their case examined by a jury. Judge Bishop noted that many defendants often appeal to the Jefferson County Circuit Court for a jury trial.

Russell, who is legally represented by Emory Anthony and Richard Jaffe, intends to appeal. Anthony emphasized that the appeal was primarily due to the state’s push for jail time. He contested the appropriateness of a jail sentence for a Class A misdemeanor, especially for a first-time offender. Anthony shared that while they concur with the restitution, the idea of imprisoning her was strongly opposed.

Detailing the events, Russell vanished on July 13, after making a 911 call reporting a toddler wandering alone on I-459. A family member overheard her scream before the call ended. Her mysterious disappearance elicited broad concern and prompted a substantial search operation.

Russell reappeared two days later at her parents’ residence in Hoover and was subsequently admitted to UAB Hospital. While there, she narrated a harrowing tale of abduction involving an unknown man and woman.

Investigations, however, brought to light suspicious activities. Before her supposed abduction, Russell left her job at the Woodhouse Day Spa and made various purchases. Police later found some of her belongings near her car. In her only police interview, Russell narrated her traumatic experience, detailing her encounters with her supposed abductors.

Nonetheless, two weeks after this staged event, Russell confessed to the deception in an official statement via her lawyer. Police Chief Derzis condemned her actions, stating that her choices led to unwarranted panic both locally and nationally. Law enforcement agencies and civilians had invested significant resources and time searching for a kidnapper who never existed.

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