Carjacking Suspect Causes Serious Crash in Lynn, Massachusetts

A carjacking incident led to a serious crash in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Surveillance video captured the moment a stolen car, driven by a teenager, ran a red light and collided with an oncoming vehicle, causing it to flip into the air. The innocent driver of the other car was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery. The stolen car had been taken at gunpoint from a teenage boy the previous night. Police spotted the stolen vehicle early Tuesday morning and attempted to apprehend the suspect. The crash occurred during the police chase.

The collision caused significant damage to a nearby business sign, and the loud impact startled workers in the area. Police chased and apprehended the suspects involved in the carjacking, including the juvenile boy who was driving the stolen car. Both the driver and his passenger are facing charges, including drug-related offenses.

Author: CrimeDoor

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