Caregiver Arrested for Concealing Dead Roommate in Garbage Bag

A Bronx caregiver, Inga Bearden, has been arrested and charged with concealment of a corpse after allegedly placing her deceased 70-year-old roommate, Margie Ann William-Collins, inside a garbage bag instead of immediately contacting emergency services. The incident occurred in the luxury Bronx apartment that Bearden shared with her two teenage children.

According to law enforcement sources, William-Collins had taken a long shower on Thursday before settling down in the living room, which served as their shared bedroom. When Bearden went to check on her, she discovered that William-Collins had passed away. Instead of calling 911, Bearden contacted her husband, who does not reside in the apartment. Allegedly, he assisted Bearden in placing William-Collins’ body inside a black garbage bag.

Sources indicate that Bearden claimed they took this action due to William-Collins having lice, expressing concerns about the potential spread of the infestation. It was William-Collins’ daughter-in-law who ultimately contacted emergency services to report the death.

The cause of William-Collins’ death is currently under investigation. Bearden informed the police that William-Collins had a history of ingesting silica gel packets, which are typically found in shoeboxes and are non-toxic.

Bearden’s husband is currently being sought by the police. The deceased, Bearden, and her two children had been residing in the two-bedroom apartment since October. The upscale building offers various amenities, including a game room, pet spa, yoga studio, and business center, as per StreetEasy.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. This is such a tragic and disturbing story. It’s important to shed light on cases like these to raise awareness about the mistreatment of vulnerable individuals. I will definitely share this post on my social media platforms to help spread the word and promote justice for Margie Ann William-Collins.

  2. Wow, this is such an important post shedding light on a disturbing incident. It’s crucial to bring attention to cases like these to ensure justice is served. Thank you for reporting on this and raising awareness about the mistreatment of vulnerable individuals.

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