Car Chase Ends in Multiple Tire Blowouts and Smoke

A car chase occurred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, involving a suspect who was allegedly involved in a retail theft. The chase began at Walgreens and proceeded on Capital, with the suspect’s vehicle reaching speeds of up to 60 mph. During the pursuit, the suspect’s car experienced multiple tire blowouts, resulting in smoke and debris on the road.

The chase continued on 87th Street North, where the suspect’s vehicle eventually came to a stop. The suspect then proceeded to flee on foot, heading east. However, they were eventually apprehended near Congress.

Throughout the chase, the suspect’s vehicle emitted smoke and debris, and at times, the suspect was observed hanging out of the back window.

The suspect’s vehicle had sustained significant damage, with only two functional tires remaining. The chase concluded without any reported injuries to law enforcement officers or pedestrians.

Author: CrimeDoor

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