Cannabis-Infused Candy Found at Halloween Event in Alameda Elementary School

Cannabis-Infused Candy Found at Halloween Event in Alameda Elementary School

Gummies infused with cannabis were discovered in a candy stash at a Halloween event held at Amelia Earhart Elementary School in Alameda, according to school district officials. One student consumed a fruit chew containing THC before realizing its contents. The child required medical attention but is not seriously ill. The fruit chews, which contained Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), were found among the candy collected by students during a PTA-sponsored “Trunk or Treat” event. Three families reported finding the cannabis-infused candy in their children’s collection.

The Alameda Police Department is currently investigating the incident after the child fell ill and sought immediate medical attention. The candy stash also included regular chocolate and other popular Halloween treats. The cannabis fruit chews, packaged in square blue wrappers, were produced by Kiva Lost Farm and contain 10 mg of THC per edible. These THC edibles resemble brightly-colored Starburst candies.

Amelia Earhart Elementary School’s principal, Bryan Dunn-Ruiz, sent a letter to families urging parents to carefully inspect their child’s candy collection to ensure it does not contain cannabis-infused products. The Alameda Police Department also advised exercising caution during holiday celebrations like Halloween and inspecting children’s Halloween candy. They emphasized that many THC-infused candies resemble popular Halloween treats and encouraged parents to discard any suspicious items.

Parents and caregivers are urged to check their child’s candy for unusual packaging, labeling, or signs of tampering. It is important to educate children about the importance of consuming only candies in their original, sealed packaging that have been thoroughly examined by a caregiver. If any doubts arise about the authenticity of the candy, it should be discarded. Any concerns or suspicious findings should be reported to the Alameda Police Department immediately.


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