California Woman Vanishes on Road Trip with Pet Bearded Dragon, Police Release Bodycam Footage

A California woman named Chelsea Grimm, 32, has gone missing during a road trip with her pet bearded dragon. According to reports, Grimm was reported missing by her parents on October 4 after they were unable to reach her. She had informed them that she planned to go camping in Arizona and might not have phone service. The last known sighting of Grimm was on September 30 when a woodcutter spotted her camping in her car near Ashfork, Arizona.

Grimm’s abandoned car was discovered on the side of the road on October 5 with flat tires. However, her belongings and her pet bearded dragon were not found inside the locked Ford Focus SUV. Additionally, there has been no activity on her phone or credit card since then.

Recently released police bodycam footage from September 28 shows Grimm interacting with an officer in Williams, Arizona. The officer had received a call about a suspicious vehicle near a graveyard and war memorial. In the footage, Grimm appeared upset and explained that she had been doing a photo shoot of lost soldiers, which had made her emotional. The officer asked if she had a hotel for the night, to which Grimm replied that she was considering camping but hadn’t made a final decision.

Grimm’s family has hired a private investigator to assist local authorities in the search for their daughter. The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office investigators have stated that they do not suspect foul play at this point, as Grimm’s locked car showed no signs of a struggle. Her parents believe she may have received a ride after getting two flat tires.

According to her parents, Grimm had initially planned to drive across the country for a wedding in Connecticut but had to change her plans due to not being able to bring her bearded dragon on a plane. She decided to camp in Arizona instead and then return to California. However, her parents noted that she seemed “uneven” in the days leading up to her disappearance, mentioning her concerns about a boy she was dating and feeling scared of him.

Author: CrimeDoor

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