California Man Charged for Threatening Military Personnel on YouTube

California Man Charged for Threatening Military Personnel on YouTube

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California has charged 41-year-old Christian Beyer with issuing threats against military personnel through a YouTube video. Beyer, a former Army member court-martialed in 2021 for assault and previously stationed at Fort Irwin, was apprehended at his father’s residence in Sonoma County.

Prosecutors highlighted a specific video in which Beyer is accused of threatening to kill members of the military, stating, “If you come to get me and you have a uniform on you’re an enemy and I will not hesitate.”

Concerns were raised about Beyer’s familiarity with alternative access points to Fort Irwin, aside from the main gates. Additionally, on October 30, Beyer allegedly instigated an altercation involving a knife with several senior citizens, subsequently attempting to drive a car at the group before fleeing.

A manhunt ensued, resulting in Beyer’s capture. The FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force are involved in the investigation related to the YouTube threats. Charged with making interstate threats, Beyer could face up to five years in federal prison if convicted.

Beyer is detained without bond as the inquiry proceeds.

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