California Judge Accused of Sexual Misconduct, Drug Use, and Offensive Behavior

A California judge, Greg Kreis, currently serving on the Humboldt County Superior Court, has been hit with a sweeping complaint filed by the state’s Commission on Judicial Performance. The allegations against Kreis include bizarre sexual behavior, drug use, and offensive conduct towards colleagues. The complaint accuses Kreis of engaging in “willful misconduct in office” and “conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice.”

The charges outlined in the complaint are shocking and would make most individuals blush. One incident occurred at a 2019 summer social gathering known as the “Antlers Campout,” where Kreis is alleged to have vaped cannabis before boarding a pontoon boat. Witnesses claim that he proceeded to drink excessively, demeaning a deputy public defender by repeatedly referring to him as “Jewboy” before physically shoving him off the boat. During the same event, Kreis allegedly engaged in inappropriate behavior with the wife of another public defender, pantomiming a lap dance while she held her youngest child.

The complaint also details incidents predating Kreis’ time on the bench, including an alleged incident in 2015 where he entered a friend’s bedroom while she was sleeping, exposing himself and attempting to awaken her. Additionally, the complaint accuses Kreis of frequently using cocaine between 2013 and 2017, even driving two attorneys to purchase the drug during an outing in October 2015.

Kreis’ behavior towards legal colleagues is also called into question, with allegations of derogatory language and offensive remarks. Prior to becoming a judge, Kreis allegedly referred to a deputy district attorney as a “bitch” or a “pretentious bitch.”

In response to the charges, Kreis took to Instagram, expressing confidence that the formal proceedings would clear his name and insinuating that politics may be at play in the timing of the allegations.

The Commission on Judicial Performance, an independent state agency responsible for investigating judicial misconduct, brought the charges against Kreis following a preliminary investigation. Kreis has been advised by his attorney to refrain from making any statements at this time.

The complaint also alleges that Kreis engaged in an affair with a colleague on the court, leading to the termination of a clerk who discussed the relationship with other court staff.

Kreis is further accused of inappropriate touching at a 2018 social gathering, where he hugged and grabbed or slapped the buttocks of a married woman without her consent, despite her firm objection.

During his tenure as a judge, Kreis is alleged to have taken a carload of passengers, some of whom were drinking, on a tour of historic homes in Eureka. The complaint states that Kreis had an alcoholic drink in one hand while driving.

The complaint also highlights several professional lapses by Kreis on the bench, including failing to disclose ethics-related information or recuse himself from cases involving attorneys with whom he maintained friendships or complicated social relationships.

Author: CrimeDoor

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