Cache County Man Charged with Possession of Meth Lab Equipment, Drugs, and Guns

A Cache County man, Kelly Naegle, aged 57, has been charged with multiple offenses related to the possession of a methamphetamine lab, drugs, and firearms, according to the Cache County District Attorney’s Office. Naegle faces a total of 22 charges, including possession of laboratory equipment, methamphetamine, and various weapons.

The charges against Naegle were brought forward after an investigation conducted by the Cache-Rich Drug Task Force, as stated in the court indictment documents. Among the charges, 15 are related to the firearms found at Naegle’s residence, three are related to drugs or drug paraphernalia, three are related to dangerous weapons, and one is related to the possession of laboratory equipment.

The first charge in the indictment alleges that Naegle possessed laboratory equipment with the intent to engage in a clandestine laboratory operation. Additionally, it is stated that he used a “booby trap” while illegally manufacturing controlled substances. The charge also highlights the substantial risk posed by Naegle’s potential lab to human health and the environment. Furthermore, it is revealed that the lab was operating within 500 feet of a church, school, business, or residence.

Two of the drug-related charges are third-degree felonies, indicating that Naegle possessed or used illegal substances classified as Schedule I or Schedule II. Specifically, the substances mentioned are methamphetamine and coca tea. The indictment also notes that Naegle had a previous conviction on similar charges, which rendered his possession of firearms illegal.

The 15 firearm-related charges against Naegle are all third-degree felonies and encompass his purchase, transfer, possession, or use of firearms as a restricted person. Additionally, Naegle is facing a Class B misdemeanor for possessing drug paraphernalia with the intent to use or manufacture a controlled substance. The remaining three charges pertain to dangerous weapons that are not firearms and involve Naegle’s purchase, transfer, possession, or use of these weapons as a restricted person. These charges are classified as Class A misdemeanors. The specific details of the additional weapons found during the investigation were not disclosed by officials.

The Cache County District Attorney’s Office has taken swift action in charging Naegle based on the evidence gathered by the Cache-Rich Drug Task Force. Naegle’s alleged possession of a meth lab, drugs, and firearms raises serious concerns regarding public safety and the potential impact on the community. As the legal proceedings unfold, further details may emerge regarding the extent of Naegle’s involvement and any potential connections to illicit activities.

Author: CrimeDoor

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