Business in Martinez Picks Up the Pieces After Break-In and Vandalism

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A destructive break-in and act of vandalism have left a new business in Martinez reeling, but determined to rise above the adversity. Bentley’s Cocktail Lounge, which had just celebrated its grand opening on Friday, fell victim to an unexpected incident of crime on Sunday morning. Co-owners Krystal Endsley and Malena Clegg bravely shared their experience with KRON4, highlighting their efforts to keep their business running amidst the unfortunate circumstances.

The owners fondly recall the immediate success they experienced during their grand opening, with a line of people excitedly showing their support. However, less than 48 hours later, their dreams were shattered as they discovered the aftermath of the break-in. Thousands of dollars’ worth of damage and lost supplies left a devastating mark on the establishment.

In a shocking 40-minute security camera video footage provided by Five Suns Brewing, the culprit can be seen wreaking havoc on Bentley’s Cocktail Lounge and the nearby indoor market, Market and Main. Endsley and Clegg described the distressing sight of umbrellas being torn down, plants being stolen and strewn about, and even menus being stolen. The vandal also targeted the courtyard and maliciously severed Bentley’s waterline, ethernet cable, and surveillance cameras for Market and Main.

Endsley believes that the incident was not a random act, but rather a well-planned scheme. She recalls a prior incident involving a man slashing tires, which led the police to be temporarily occupied, leaving the area vulnerable. With a heavy heart, Endsley pleads with the perpetrator to return her tools, which are essential for her carpentry work and the growth of their business. The loss of these tools, estimated at over $20,000, has dealt a significant blow to their plans for the future.

Despite this setback, Endsley and Clegg remain resolute in their determination to succeed. They have promptly filed a police report and launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for replacing their stolen and damaged items.

This incident has shaken the owners, but it will not deter them from forging ahead. They are determined to overcome the challenges, rebuild their business, and continue serving their loyal patrons in Martinez. Both Bentley’s Cocktail Lounge and Market and Main remain open, standing as a symbol of resilience in the face of adversity.

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