Burglars Target Boats on Oakland’s Estuary, Prompting Concerns

Burglars Target Boats on Oakland’s Estuary, Prompting Concerns

Oakland’s property crime problem has extended to the waterfront, with burglars now focusing on boats on the estuary. Thieves have been reported to travel in small boats and break into dock boxes during the night. Marina residents have experienced thefts of engines, small boats, and dinghies.

Craig Jacobsen, president of Outboard Motor Shop, and other marina residents suspect that the perpetrators reside in encampments along the estuary or on stolen boats. Jacobsen expressed frustration with the Oakland Police Department’s response, claiming they lack resources to address non-violent property theft due to their focus on violent crime. Oakland PD stated that they are collaborating with the Alameda PD to address the recent surge in boat thefts, which have occurred on both sides of the estuary.

Alameda police acknowledge the concerns of marina residents and are working to assist them. Jacobsen believes that the stolen equipment and boats are primarily sold by the thieves. Some individuals living and working on the estuary are calling for increased police patrols to prevent such crimes.

Author: CrimeDoor

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