Burglars Flee After Crashing Land Rover Into Louis Vuitton Store in Walnut Creek

A group of individuals attempted to burglarize the Louis Vuitton store in Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek, early Tuesday morning. The incident occurred around 4:30 a.m. when multiple 911 calls reported a disturbance at the luxury goods shop. Upon arrival, a police officer observed approximately 15 people split between four vehicles, engaged in the attempted burglary.

The presence of the patrol car caused the group to scatter, and one of the fleeing vehicles was pursued by other officers onto westbound Highway 24. The pursuit was terminated near Orinda and the Caldecott Tunnel due to safety concerns. However, the group left behind a stolen black 2017 Land Rover, which was believed to have been used to crash through the store’s glass storefront.

The stolen Land Rover was impounded and will be examined for potential evidence. As of Tuesday, no suspects have been identified, and the extent of the damage to the store remains unknown. Walnut Creek police are currently gathering surveillance footage as part of their investigation into the burglary.

Author: CrimeDoor

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