Burglar Arrested After Cooking Meal and Ransacking Home in Chaparral, New Mexico

A burglar was apprehended by authorities after breaking into a residence in Chaparral, New Mexico, and making himself at home. Tommy Lee Lucero, 44, was discovered by the homeowner upon her return from school. Startled by the intruder’s presence in her bedroom, she quickly fled to a nearby relative’s house to contact the police.

Law enforcement officers from the Dona Ana Sheriff’s Office promptly responded to the distress call and found Lucero still inside the residence. The homeowner was escorted back to her property to assess the situation. It became evident that Lucero had not only invaded her personal space but had also indulged in a meal of ramen noodles and hot chocolate, prepared using items from her kitchen. Additionally, he had rummaged through the refrigerator and pantry, discarding food items in both the yard and laundry room. The woman’s personal photographs were found torn into pieces, while some framed pictures remained intact. Lucero had also rearranged shower products and appropriated ten pairs of the homeowner’s shoes, even going so far as to try on a pair himself. Furthermore, he allegedly took some cash that had been left unattended.

When confronted by the police, Lucero claimed ownership of the house, asserting that he shared it with his girlfriend, whom he claimed to have been dating since preschool. However, his claims were swiftly debunked, leading to his arrest. He now faces charges of burglary and concealing identity.

Author: CrimeDoor

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