Bungling Burglar Takes a Plunge in Failed Escape Attempt at Beverly Hills Home

In a comical turn of events, a burglar’s ill-fated escape attempt took a hilarious twist when he fell into a pool at a Beverly Hills home he had just ransacked. The incident, which occurred on January 6 in the renowned California zip code 90210, was captured on drone footage released by the Beverly Hills Police Department on their Instagram page over the weekend.

The video, accompanied by Rockwell’s 1983 hit song “Somebody’s Watching You,” shows the clumsy suspect hastily exiting through a window and descending a ladder precariously positioned on the pool’s edge. However, in his rush to flee, he loses his footing, causing the ladder to slip into the water, taking him down with it. The suspect performs an awkward backflip and lands with a splash in the pool of the South Palm Drive residence he had targeted.

The 36-year-old suspect, identified as David Verdun, emerged from the pool and attempted to hide in the yard. However, responding police officers quickly located and arrested him on a burglary charge. The drone footage, captured in 4K resolution, provided compelling evidence of the suspect’s failed escape.

The video of the burglar’s misfortune has since gone viral, amassing over 44,000 views and attracting numerous comments reveling in his swift comeuppance. While some Instagram followers speculated about the drone operator’s suppressed laughter, others expressed satisfaction at the suspect’s unexpected plunge.


Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. The post describes a humorous incident where a burglar’s escape plan goes awry as he falls into a pool at a house he had just robbed in Beverly Hills.

    This story highlights the irony and poetic justice in the situation. The burglar’s failed escape adds a comical element to the otherwise serious crime. It serves as a reminder that sometimes, even criminals face unexpected consequences for their actions.

    Additionally, this incident also emphasizes the importance of home security. While the incident itself may be amusing, it

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