BTK Serial Killer Denies Connection to 1976 Cold Case

BTK Serial Killer Denies Connection to 1976 Cold Case

The infamous BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) Serial Killer, Dennis Rader, has communicated with FOX23 News, addressing allegations linking him to the 1976 disappearance of Pawhuska teenager Cynthia “Cyndi” Dawn Kinney.

Rader’s correspondence with FOX23’s Rick Maranon elaborates on his thoughts about being named a suspect, his interactions with Osage County Sheriff Eddie Virden, and explanations regarding certain evidence. Notably, he attempts to debunk the significance of the pantyhose discovered on his former property in Park City, Kansas.

In the communication, Rader denies involvement in Kinney’s presumed death and disappearance, likening the investigation to the iconic 1984 Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” commercial – suggesting that while the case may appear substantive on the outside, there is a lack of concrete evidence within.

Speaking about his relationship with Sheriff Virden, he states, “I like him as a person, but question his pursuit of me,” and further refers to Virden as “Sheriff Cowboy.” Rader challenges Virden’s evidence, insinuating it’s more coincidental than conclusive.

Regarding the buried pantyhose that Osage County Sheriff’s Office unearthed last August, which some speculated to be “trophies” from victims, Rader clarified their purpose as gardening tools, denying their use on victims.

The correspondences also hint at discussions about potential plea deals or agreements, allowing him to assist in unresolved cases without facing additional prosecution. However, Rader stresses his lack of knowledge or involvement in deaths beyond his confirmed victims, stating, “Only there is ‘no’ others beyond the ‘Wichita 10’.”

When directly questioned by FOX23 if he committed any murders outside Kansas, Rader vehemently denied, responding, “Hell no!”
The recent involvement of Rader’s daughter, Karri Rawson, in the investigation has evidently frustrated Rader, with him expressing that Sheriff Virden “has crossed a line” by involving her.

As the case progresses, it remains to be seen how these revelations will impact the investigation into Kinney’s tragic disappearance.


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