Brooklyn Pastor Lamor Whitehead Faces Trial for Wire Fraud and Extortion Charges

Brooklyn pastor Lamor Whitehead is currently on trial for wire fraud, extortion, and other alleged crimes in Manhattan federal court. The flashy preacher’s attorney, Dawn Florio, stated during opening statements that Whitehead would be “fighting the charges like Rocky Balboa.” However, Florio argued that the government had failed to meet the burden of proof required to bring the pastor to court.

Whitehead, known for his ostentatious jewelry, bold eyewear, and flamboyant suits, is accused of various crimes, including faking bank records to secure loans for his $1.3 million New Jersey mansion. He is also alleged to have scammed the elderly mother of a parishioner out of $90,000, which he purportedly spent on luxury goods. Additionally, Whitehead is accused of leveraging his friendship with Mayor Eric Adams to extort cash in exchange for favorable actions in real estate deals.

Prosecutor Jessica Greenwood described Whitehead as a “conman who told lie after lie to victim after victim.” She highlighted how the pastor abused the trust of his parishioners to fund his extravagant lifestyle, claiming to be a friend of the mayor of New York City. Greenwood further stated that Whitehead “lied, cheated, and stole to keep up a wealthy appearance” and used lies and threats to extract money from his victims.

Charges were initially filed against Whitehead in 2022, and during a search following his arrest, he allegedly lied to federal agents about the number of phones he owned. One of the charges involves defrauding Pauline Anderson, the mother of parishioner Rasheed Anderson. Whitehead allegedly promised to use $90,000 to buy her a new home and make improvements, but instead, prosecutors claim he spent the money at luxury retailers and on a BMW.

Florio vehemently denied these charges, asserting that it was Rasheed Anderson who had promised to buy his mother the house. Other charges against Whitehead stem from an alleged 2018 scheme to obtain a fraudulent $250,000 loan for his Paramus mansion. Prosecutors accuse him of fabricating documents to make it appear that his LLC had substantial funds when it only had $6. Additionally, Whitehead is accused of accepting thousands of dollars from a Bronx body shop owner in exchange for promises to obtain official favors from Mayor Adams.

Whitehead’s eccentric style and previous antics have garnered attention in New York City. In 2022, his Brooklyn congregation, the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in Canarsie, was robbed at gunpoint during a livestreamed sermon, resulting in the theft of millions in jewelry. One of the thieves pleaded guilty in November, with Whitehead present.

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