Brooklyn Man Charged with Murder and Assault in Tragic Death of 3-Year-Old Neighbor

Brooklyn Man Charged with Murder and Assault in Tragic Death of 3-Year-Old Neighbor

A Brooklyn man, Kevin James, has been charged with murder and assault in the tragic death of his 3-year-old neighbor, Denim Brown. The incident occurred inside an apartment building in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. The city medical examiner has ruled the death a homicide, citing multiple blunt force trauma injuries to the face and body, as well as drowning.

James’ mother, who requested anonymity, expressed her deep shame and sorrow over her son’s alleged actions, stating that the entire family is devastated. She believes that something evil took control of her son, as his behavior does not align with his true character. The family is currently struggling to cope with the tragedy and has been unable to eat.

During the incident, James’ stepfather, Michael, was entrusted with babysitting Denim. Unbeknownst to him, James took the toddler into an empty apartment next door while Michael thought they were playing in the living room. It was only when Michael realized Denim was missing that he and James’ brother began searching the building. They eventually discovered the child’s lifeless body in a bathtub in the empty apartment.

Despite their efforts to revive Denim, it was too late. He was pronounced dead after being rushed to Kings County Hospital. The devastating news left Denim’s mother inconsolable, and she declined to comment further at this time.

James, 29, was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court and is currently being held without bail. His mother revealed that her son’s life took a downward spiral after he started using the synthetic drug K-2. She mentioned that he had previously worked at the Bowery Mission but was given an ultimatum to attend a program or face termination due to his drug use. Although he completed the program, his mental state remained unstable.

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