British Neonatal Nurse Convicted of Killing Infants Seeks Appeal

British Neonatal Nurse Convicted of Killing Infants Seeks Appeal

British neonatal nurse Lucy Letby, who was convicted last month for killing five baby boys and two baby girls, has applied to appeal her convictions. Letby, who worked at the neonatal unit of Countess of Chester Hospital in northwestern England, injected the infants with insulin or air, or force-fed them milk over a period of 13 months from June 2015. The 33-year-old nurse was sentenced to a rare “whole-life order” by Judge James Goss, who described her actions as “malevolence bordering on sadism.” Letby was also found guilty of seven murder attempts involving six other babies, while two additional charges of attempted murder were dropped. The jury was unable to reach a verdict on several other charges.

Letby, who consistently denied all the charges, has filed an application for leave to appeal against her conviction at London’s Court of Appeal. No date for any appeal has been set. Applications for permission to appeal against a lower crown court decision are typically considered by a judge without a hearing. If the application is refused, permission can still be sought at a full court hearing before two or three judges.

Letby’s conviction, following a 10-month trial, has made her Britain’s worst serial child killer in modern history, according to local media. She refused to appear in court for her sentencing, prompting the government to announce plans to give judges new powers to force criminals to attend their sentencing. A public inquiry into the case has also been launched, which will examine the circumstances of Letby’s crimes and address allegations from doctors in the neonatal unit that their concerns about Letby were not taken seriously by senior staff.


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