British Foster Child Sentenced to Two Years for Fatal Car Incident Involving Foster Mother

Marcia Grant

A 12-year-old British foster child was sentenced to two years in custody for the death of his foster mother, 60-year-old Marcia Grant, after a car incident in Sheffield. The boy, whose identity remains protected due to his age, is now 13 years old. He was charged with causing death by dangerous driving, a charge to which he pleaded guilty in Sheffield Crown Court. Prosecutors dropped an initial murder charge against him.

The incident occurred on April 5 when the boy, attempting to visit his family, stole the keys to Grant’s car. According to statements, he also took a kitchen knife for self-protection. The situation escalated when Marcia Grant tried to prevent the vehicle from leaving by standing behind it. The boy, not realizing at first that it was Grant behind the car, reversed the vehicle, causing her fatal injuries.

Delroy Grant, Marcia’s husband, witnessed the incident and tried to intervene by smashing the driver’s side window and pleading with the boy to stop. Despite these efforts, the vehicle reversed rapidly, leading to the catastrophic outcome.

After the incident, the boy fled the scene, apologizing as he left. He was arrested approximately an hour later. During his arrest, he reportedly asked the officers if Grant was dead and made a remark about achieving his “first kill,” although he later claimed that the incident was an accident.

Gemma Grant, the daughter of the victim, expressed her grief and disbelief in court, highlighting her mother’s warmth and community spirit.

The boy claimed to have been in a state of panic during the incident and did not intend to harm Grant. Prosecutors acknowledged there was no evidence suggesting he intended to cause harm. However, the Grant family has contested this view, expressing their belief that the evidence pointed to a disregard for human life and premeditation.

Due to his age, the boy will be detained in a secure youth center rather than an adult prison. Additionally, he has been disqualified from driving for six years.

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