British Expat Arrested in Thailand for Bombarding Restaurant with Bad Reviews

British Expat Arrested in Thailand for Bombarding Restaurant with Bad Reviews

A British expat, identified as Alexander, has been apprehended in Phuket, Thailand, for his alleged involvement in bombarding a local restaurant with a series of negative reviews. The 21-year-old man came under investigation by both the Central Investigation Bureau and Royal Thai Police following a feud he had with the restaurant owner, as reported by the Phuket News.

The dispute arose when Alexander sought to utilize the Italian eatery as a shortcut to his Phuket apartment, which he had been renting since 2022. However, the owner refused his request, citing his non-paying customer status. Seeking revenge, Alexander allegedly orchestrated a campaign to tarnish the restaurant’s reputation by enlisting his friends to flood it with one-star reviews. Consequently, the establishment’s rating plummeted from 4.8 to 3.1 out of 5 stars, purportedly impacting its business.

On May 9, the Central Investigation Bureau arrested Alexander at his apartment in Bangkok, following a complaint filed by the owner with the Sakhu Police Station. The proprietor claimed that the fabricated reviews had caused financial and reputational damage to the restaurant. Video footage captured the moment of Alexander’s arrest, showing him shirtless in a hallway while an officer read out the details of the complaint.

According to the Phuket News, an arrest warrant had been issued against Alexander in August 2023 for the offense of “entering false computer data likely to cause damage to the general public.” Despite the accusations, Alexander maintains his innocence. If convicted, he could face up to two years in prison for defamation, as reported by The US Sun. Currently, he has been returned to the Sakhu Police Station in Phuket, awaiting prosecution.

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