Breakthrough in 36-Year-Old Cold Case: DNA Identifies Murder Victim Jerry Mikkelson

Jerry A. Mikkelson

Investigators have made a significant breakthrough in a 36-year-old murder case by identifying the victim as Jerry A. Mikkelson. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado announced on Monday that advanced DNA testing, genetic genealogy, and a titanium rod in the victim’s femur were crucial in confirming Mikkelson’s identity.

The body of Mikkelson, then 24 years old, was discovered on October 18, 1987, along a road in Colorado, near the Wyoming border. Based on soil samples in the victim’s hair, authorities believe Mikkelson was murdered in Wyoming before his body was transported to Colorado.

A missing persons report filed by a family member noted that Mikkelson left his Sioux Falls, South Dakota home voluntarily on August 8, 1983. His travels reportedly took him through Pittsburgh, Olathe in Kansas, Wyoming, and possibly Colorado.

Mikkelson was one of seven children, as stated in his mother Alice Mikkelson’s online obituary. Raised in Sioux Falls, he grew up in a family where his father owned a towing company and his mother worked as the company’s bookkeeper. Tragically, both parents passed away before the confirmation of their son’s identity.

The identification was further supported by Mikkelson’s family, who confirmed that he had suffered a broken femur six years before his death, leading to the implantation of the titanium rod.

With Mikkelson’s identity now established, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is actively seeking information from the public to track down the perpetrator of this long-unsolved crime. They urge anyone with relevant information to contact their tip line at (970) 875-7069.

Chris Morris
Author: Chris Morris

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