BREAKING: Banksy Art Heist Caught on Camera in South London!

London Metropolitan Police are currently investigating the removal of a Banksy artwork. The incident occurred in the Peckham area of South London. Eyewitnesses captured photos and videos of an individual using bolt cutters to detach a red stop sign featuring three military drones. This event took place shortly after the artist shared an image of the artwork on Instagram.

The video documentation reveals a man using a bicycle to reach the sign, aided by another individual. After severing the sign from its post, the man was seen fleeing the scene with the item.

A bystander, identified only as Alex, provided an account to the PA news agency, describing the reaction of the small gathering at the scene. According to Alex, there was uncertainty among the onlookers about how to respond, accompanied by car horns sounding in the vicinity.

The Metropolitan Police are appealing to the public for any information related to this incident. As of late Saturday afternoon, no arrests have been made.

Deputy Leader of the local borough council, Jasmine Ali, has publicly requested the return of the artwork, emphasizing its value to the community. The original stop sign at the location has since been replaced.

Banksy, known for his provocative and satirical street art, often addresses themes of war. Followers on Instagram have interpreted this particular piece as a commentary on the Gaza Strip conflict, advocating for a cease-fire.

Chris Morris
Author: Chris Morris

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