Brazilian Judges Uphold Italian Court’s Ruling, Orders Robinho to Serve Prison Sentence in Brazil

Brazilian Judges Uphold Italian Court’s Ruling, Orders Robinho to Serve Prison Sentence in Brazil

Brazilian judges have upheld the ruling of an Italian court, stating that former AC Milan and Brazil striker Robinho must serve his nine-year prison sentence in Brazil. The decision was made by the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), Brazil’s top court for nonconstitutional matters.

In 2017, a Milan court found Robinho and five other Brazilians guilty of gang-raping a woman in 2013 after intoxicating her with alcohol in a discotheque. The conviction was later confirmed by an appeals court in 2020 and validated by Italy’s Supreme Court in 2022. Despite vehemently denying the charges, Robinho’s request for a retrial in Brazil on the grounds of national sovereignty was rejected.

During the hearing, Robinho’s lawyer, Jose Eduardo Alckmin, assured the court that his client would comply with the sentence if an officer were to arrive. The first judge to vote, Francisco Falcao, emphasized the importance of upholding the sentence, stating that diplomatic friction between Brazil and Italy could arise if it was not served. Judge Raul Araujo disagreed, arguing that Robinho could not be imprisoned in Brazil for a conviction in Italy. However, Judge Isabel Gallotti supported the majority, stating that the foreign sentence was well-founded and well-reasoned.

Robinho, who currently resides in Santos, outside Sao Paulo, had already surrendered his passport to Brazilian authorities in March 2023. He continues to maintain his innocence, claiming that his sexual relations with the woman at a Milan bar were consensual. In a recent interview, he attributed his conviction to racism, citing his experiences with racism during his time in Italy.

Federal prosecutor Hindemburgo Chateaubriand reminded the judges of audio recordings obtained by Italian authorities, in which Robinho discussed the case with friends. The recordings, some of which were published by Brazilian media last year, revealed Robinho making vulgar and threatening remarks towards the victim.

The court also ruled that the decision on when and how to jail Robinho would be left to authorities in Santos. The former footballer rose to national fame in 2002 as an 18-year-old leading Santos to its first national title since the era of football legend Pele. He repeated this feat two years later, becoming a prolific scorer in the Brazilian league.

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  1. The post discusses how Brazilian judges have confirmed the decision of an Italian court, which mandates that former AC Milan and Brazil football player Robinho must serve his nine-year prison sentence in Brazil.

    My insights: It is interesting to see how the legal systems of different countries work together in cases like this. The fact that the Brazilian judges are upholding the ruling of the Italian court shows the importance of international cooperation in enforcing justice. It also highlights the accountability that public figures, such as professional athletes, have to

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