Body of Actor Cole Brings Plenty Found in Kansas Wooded Area, No Foul Play Suspected

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed on Wednesday that the body of actor Cole Brings Plenty was discovered in a wooded area in Lawrence, Kansas. The authorities stated that there was “no indication of foul play” surrounding his death. Cole, 27, who appeared in episodes 7 and 8 of the first season of the “Yellowstone” spinoff “1923,” was reported missing by his family on March 31.

Lawrence Police Chief Rich Lockhart expressed his condolences, acknowledging the tragic nature of the case. He emphasized the efforts made by the police department to investigate the incidents and locate Cole. Lockhart also recognized the need for improved trust and collaboration with the Native American community, which is vital to Lawrence’s history and culture.

Prior to his disappearance, Cole was named a person of interest in two offenses: “aggravated domestic battery; choke in rude manner; family member/dating relationship” and “aggravated burglary; dwelling for felony, theft, domestic violence, or sexually motivated crime.” The police had submitted an affidavit to the District Attorney for Cole’s arrest following an incident at an apartment in Lawrence on Sunday morning. However, specific details were withheld to protect the victim.

Cole’s manager expressed concern over his sudden disappearance, stating that it was uncharacteristic of him to vanish without informing anyone of his whereabouts. The actor’s father, Joe Brings Plenty, also released a statement via Mo Brings Plenty’s Instagram account, expressing gratitude for the support received during the search for his son.

The investigation into Cole Brings Plenty’s death is ongoing, and the cause of death has not yet been disclosed by the authorities. The tragic series of events surrounding his disappearance and subsequent discovery has garnered international attention. Chief Lockhart hopes that the relationship between Native Americans and the police force will be strengthened, serving as a model for other communities.

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