Body Found in Puerto Rico River During Search for Missing Indiana Teacher

Body Found in Puerto Rico River During Search for Missing Indiana Teacher

Authorities searching for a missing Indiana teacher in Puerto Rico have discovered a body in a river in the Rio Blanco neighborhood. Amanda Webster, a 44-year-old Indianapolis resident, was reported missing last week while on vacation in Puerto Rico. The last known location where Webster was seen before disappearing was at the Casa Parcha guest house near El Yunque National Park in Naguabo. The owner of the property contacted law enforcement after Webster failed to complete the check-out and left her belongings and a rental car behind. Webster arrived in Puerto Rico on Monday and was sharing pictures of her vacation with friends until Wednesday when she went missing.

Puerto Rico Police Commissioner Antonio Lopez Figueroa activated an “Ashanti Alert”, a voluntary nationwide communication network aimed at supporting the search and recovery of missing persons aged between 18 and 64. The alert is named after Ashanti Billie, a 19-year-old woman who was kidnapped and murdered in 2017.

Police investigators have not released the footage captured by a person who spotted Webster in a wooded area and recorded her with their smartphone. Webster is described as a white woman with blue eyes and blonde hair, standing at 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighing around 147 pounds.

The body found in the river has not been identified in terms of gender, and it is unclear if there are any signs of violence. While there has been no official confirmation, sources close to Webster’s family believe the victim is Webster herself. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are working to determine the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and the discovery of the body.

Anyone with information about Webster’s whereabouts or any details that could assist investigators is urged to call the Puerto Rico Police’s confidential line at (787)343-2020 or (787)793-1234, ext. 2464 or 2463.

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