Bizarre Whirring Noises Heard During $30 Million Cash Heist at GardaWorld Facility in Sylmar

Neighbors in the Tahitian Mobile Home Park of Sylmar, Los Angeles County, were startled by bizarre whirring noises that emanated from the GardaWorld facility on Easter Sunday. The unsettling sounds persisted for approximately two hours, leaving residents perplexed and concerned. The incident unfolded during one of the largest cash heists in Los Angeles history, as an estimated $30 million was stolen from the vault without a trace.

One resident, deeply affected by the incident, shared her distress with the Los Angeles Times, stating that the sound had become ingrained in her memory. She expressed her ongoing bewilderment over the audacious invasion of their community, emphasizing that although it was just money, the violation of their space was deeply unsettling.

However, not all residents noticed anything unusual during the heist. Sandi Gomez, another local from the mobile park, claimed to have observed nothing out of the ordinary. The FBI visited her on Monday, inquiring about any suspicious activity she might have witnessed or heard around 4 a.m. on Sunday.

Authorities believe that the thieves gained access to the GardaWorld facility by breaching the roof, after initially attempting to break in through the building’s side. Remarkably, the perpetrators managed to open the vault without triggering any alarms, and the theft went unnoticed by staff until Monday morning.

George Alhosry, the owner of Kwik Market and Deli nearby, reported that his business experienced Wi-Fi connectivity issues throughout Sunday. The interruption affected their ability to access the Lotto and make cellphone calls. While it remains unclear if the Wi-Fi problem is connected to the robbery, the Los Angeles Times noted that Wi-Fi jammers are commonly used by robbery gangs in Southern California. These devices enable experienced thieves to disable security cameras, preventing the capture of video or still images of the crime.

The FBI and the Los Angeles Police Department are currently investigating the GardaWorld heist. As of Friday afternoon, no suspects have been identified. The audacity of the crime has raised concerns among some locals, while others remain more focused on the everyday threat of street crime in the area.

Victor Benitez, a resident, recalled a recent incident where the police conducted a search for an active shooter in the vicinity, which went unreported in the news. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation, stating that he would not recommend living in the area.

Author: CrimeDoor

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