Bentley Driver Fights Off Trio of Carjackers in Dramatic New Jersey Incident

Bentley Driver Fights Off Trio of Carjackers in Dramatic New Jersey Incident

In a shocking incident captured on surveillance footage, a Bentley driver successfully defended himself against three masked carjackers in the parking lot of an Edison grocery store owned by his family. The victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, was targeted by the trio as he opened the door of his orange Bentley Bentayga. The assailants swiftly approached him, launching a violent attack in an attempt to forcibly remove him from his luxury vehicle.

The video footage reveals the carjackers pummeling the driver and attempting to pry him out of the Bentley. One of the assailants even grabbed hold of the victim’s leg and dragged him out of the car. However, due to the driver having his key fob in his pocket, the thieves were unable to drive off with the expensive SUV. The victim managed to free himself from the clutches of the assailants and sought refuge inside his family’s store, where he promptly contacted the police.

Although shaken by the ambush, the victim emerged unharmed, with only minor scratches, according to his father, Kaushik Patel. This incident, however, was not the first time the Bentley driver had been targeted by carjackers. In a previous incident, thieves successfully stole his Mercedes G-Class SUV, another high-end vehicle.

The rise in carjackings in the area has prompted Edison Mayor Sam Joshi to increase police patrols in an effort to combat the surge in such crimes. Mayor Joshi stated that the police force presence on the streets has been tripled or even quadrupled, and over 80 license plate readers have been implemented. However, he emphasized that more significant changes are needed at the state level regarding juvenile crime laws. Mayor Joshi expressed his dissatisfaction with the current system, stating that criminals, especially juveniles, should not be released back onto the streets shortly after being apprehended.

Law enforcement authorities are currently searching for the three individuals involved in the carjacking attempt that occurred on Friday. The perpetrators, believed to be teenagers, are suspected to be part of organized gangs that employ young individuals to steal high-end vehicles due to the lesser legal consequences they face as minors.

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