Bars in Greek Party Town Shut Down for Allegedly Selling Unfinished Drinks

Bars in Greek Party Town Shut Down for Allegedly Selling Unfinished Drinks

Several bars in the popular Greek party town of Kavos on the island of Corfu have been shut down following allegations of collecting unfinished drinks and selling them back to other tourists, according to local reports. The Independent Public Revenue Authority AADE, along with local police officers, conducted a raid on the bars from Wednesday, Aug. 30 through Friday, Sept. 1. The authorities suspected tax evasion and the sale of smuggled or tampered alcohol.

During the operation, the AADE auditors and police officers checked if the establishments had properly issued and registered all their transactions and if the alcohol served was legal and uncontaminated. It was discovered that 26 catering businesses failed to issue at least 40,578 receipts, amounting to $286,782. Additionally, seven catering establishments were found to have served drinks without lot number markings, indicating possible smuggling or adulteration. Eight samples were taken for testing.

The local outlets explained that it was common practice for these bars to collect unfinished drinks and store them in barrels to be served as shots to other customers. As a result of the violations, these businesses were closed for 48 hours and fined. Kavos is a popular party destination for tourists and has been informally considered an enforcement “no-go zone” for many years, according to the state-run news agency.

This development comes as local authorities investigate the death of a young tourist, Hannah Byrne, who was found dead on the streets of Kavos. While authorities initially believed she died from a fall and head injury, Corfu’s chief medical officer, Yannis Aivatidis, mentioned smelling alcohol on her breath and questioned her sudden death shortly after arriving in the area. Toxicology tests are expected to provide more information.


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