Banks County K-9 Becka Helps Locate Four Suspects in Georgia

Banks County K-9 Becka, along with her partner Corp. Josh Pressley, successfully located four suspects in Banks County, Georgia. The incident occurred when five suspects fled on foot after a stolen vehicle chase. Responding to the scene, K-9 Becka and Corp. Pressley knew time was crucial in apprehending the suspects.

The suspects ran into an overgrown field towards the interstate, making it difficult to track them. Corp. Pressley used four scent kits to retrieve scent articles from the stolen car involved in the case. K-9 Becka and Corp. Pressley began trailing through the open field and discovered a red shoe lost by one of the suspects. The first suspect was found lying on the ground wearing one red shoe. The next two suspects were located in the field, while the last suspect was arrested near the interstate.

The entire operation, from deployment to apprehension, took only fifteen minutes, according to officials. The Banks County Sheriff’s Office commended Corp. Pressley and K-9 Becka for their exceptional service to public safety. Over the past 18 months, the duo has completed 20 tracks to recover missing individuals and locate criminals.

In November 2022, Corp. Pressley and K-9 Becka received the Scent Evidence K9 Master Handler Certificate for their outstanding K9 Trailing Search Deployments. They have also been actively involved in community outreach, visiting schools to educate children about safety.

This incident adds to K-9 Becka’s successful track record, as she previously located a woman who had fled from deputies after a vehicle pursuit in July. The Banks County Sheriff’s Office continues to rely on K-9 Becka and Corp. Pressley’s expertise in tracking and apprehending suspects.


Author: CrimeDoor

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