Autopsy Reveals Wallet and ID on Dexter Wade’s Body Contradicting Police Claims

Autopsy Reveals Wallet and ID on Dexter Wade’s Body Contradicting Police Claims

Lawyers representing Dexter Wade have revealed the findings of an independent exhumation and autopsy, contradicting the claims made by police officers regarding the identification of the 37-year-old Black man’s body. Wade, a father of two, was killed in March and buried without his family’s knowledge. The pathologist, Dr. Frank Peretti, found that Wade’s body had been run over by a police vehicle and was mutilated prior to burial in a pauper’s grave in Jackson, Mississippi.

The autopsy further revealed that Wade’s body was not embalmed and was in an advanced state of decomposition. He had multiple blunt force injuries to the skull, ribs, and pelvis, and his left leg was amputated. Most notably, a wallet containing his state identification card, credit card, and health insurance card was found in the front pocket of his jeans. This discovery is significant as Wade’s family was reportedly never informed of his death or burial, despite their continuous contact with the police department.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who is representing Wade’s family, stated that these findings indicate a deliberate effort to conceal the truth and manner of Wade’s death from his family. Crump called for an investigation by the Department of Justice into all local entities involved in Wade’s death, suspecting a cover-up. Wade’s mother, Bettersten Wade, had reported him missing to the Jackson Police Department a week after she last saw him on March 5.

Despite the coroner having identified Wade and his next of kin during the autopsy, Bettersten Wade was not informed of her son’s death until six months later. She was told that there was no ID on his body at the time of his death and that he was only identified through a prescription found on him. The coroner claimed to have repeatedly requested updates from the police, but none were provided, and no one claimed Wade’s body. He was subsequently buried in a pauper’s field on July 14.

Crump and Bettersten Wade have accused the Jackson Police Department of a cover-up in this case. Crump, along with the Rev. Al Sharpton, has called for an investigation into the matter.

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