Attorneys General Urge Congress to Address Exploitation of Children through AI-Generated Material

Attorneys General Urge Congress to Address Exploitation of Children through AI-Generated Material

American attorneys general from all 50 states and four territories have collectively sent a letter to Congress, urging lawmakers to establish an expert commission to study the exploitation of children through the use of generative AI. The attorneys general also call for the expansion of existing laws against child sexual abuse material (CSAM) to explicitly cover AI-generated materials. The letter emphasizes the concern for the safety of children and highlights the challenges posed by AI in prosecuting internet crimes against children.

The attorneys general express particular concern about open source image synthesis technologies, such as Stable Diffusion, which enable the creation of AI-generated pornography, including sexualized images of children. They note that the availability of these tools, which can be run without restrictions, has created a new frontier for abuse and poses difficulties in prosecution.

The letter also highlights the ease with which AI-generated deepfakes can be created using social media photos, extending the concern to the creation of AI-generated CSAM involving children. The attorneys general argue that even if the images are fake, they still pose a risk to children and their families by normalizing child abuse and fueling the demand for sexualizing children.

Regulating AI-generated images of children presents a challenge in balancing free speech rights and protecting vulnerable populations. The attorneys general recommend establishing an expert commission dedicated to studying AI’s exploitation of children and proposing solutions. They also call for Congress to act on the commission’s recommendations, including expanding restrictions on AI-generated CSAM to provide prosecutors with the necessary tools to protect children.

While it remains unclear what specific actions Congress may take, the attorneys general emphasize the need for ongoing efforts to address the rapidly evolving nature of AI technology and its potential impact on child exploitation.


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