Attorneys for Defendant Richard Allen Seek Judge’s Removal in Delphi Murders Case

Attorneys representing Richard Allen, the defendant in the Delphi murders case, have filed a request with the Indiana Supreme Court to have Judge Fral removed from the case. They allege that the judge has withheld important case documents from the public and have asked the high court to intervene.

In response, Judge Fral stated that she has not improperly withheld any court documents and has already ordered their public posting.

Allen’s attorneys argue that most of the records in question are still not available online and claim that the judge has misunderstood and misapplied rules regarding court records. They further assert that the judge ordered the Carroll County Clerk to violate these rules and then blamed the clerk for the resulting issues. Allen’s attorneys are urging the Supreme Court to intervene and rectify these alleged violations. The court’s ruling on the matter is pending.

Author: CrimeDoor

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