Attorney for Families of Gilgo Beach Murder Victims Accuses Wife of Involvement in Long Island Murders

Attorney John Ray, representing the families of two Gilgo Beach murder victims, has accused Asa Ellerup, the wife of the suspect in the newly uncovered Long Island murders, of involvement in the heinous killings. However, Ellerup’s lawyer, Robert Macedonio, has denied any link to the crimes and stated that Ellerup and her children are not suspects.

Ray claims to have a credible witness who can confirm Ellerup’s presence when her husband brought sex workers to their home, suggesting her involvement in the conspiracy that led to the deaths. Long Island officials have not identified Ellerup, her son, or her daughter as suspects in the serial killings.

Ellerup’s attorney has emphasized that she was out of the jurisdiction when the alleged crimes occurred, as confirmed by the District Attorney’s office. Macedonio also mentioned that Ellerup is battling breast and skin cancer, undergoing treatment expected to last 12 to 18 months.

The spouse’s attorneys have filed a notice of claim against the government agency, citing damage caused to their home during the investigation. Meanwhile, the suspect remains in custody without bail for three of the killings that occurred between 2009 and 2010.

Relatives of the victims expressed their dismay at fundraising efforts for Ellerup’s family, comparing it to the lack of support they received when their loved ones went missing. Sherre Gilbert, sister of Shannan Gilbert, criticized the attention given to Ellerup’s family since the arrest, stating that she had never heard of a murder victim’s family receiving $45,000 in donations.


Author: CrimeDoor

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