Atlantic City Grapples with Surge in Gun Violence as Homicide Count Reaches Five

Atlantic City, known for its vibrant casinos and bustling boardwalk, is currently facing a troubling surge in gun violence, with the homicide count already reaching five this year. This alarming increase has prompted city officials to adopt new tactics in their ongoing battle against crime, as they strive to maintain the relative peace that had been experienced in recent years.

According to data from the FBI, Atlantic City recorded seven homicides in both 2019 and 2020. However, this year has seen a distressing start, with four homicides occurring within the first week alone, followed by another over the weekend. The most recent tragedy unfolded on North Virginia Avenue, where a 32-year-old man was fatally shot. The autopsy results confirmed his death as a homicide, further intensifying concerns within the community.

Residents, like Coriyah Willis, who grew up in Atlantic City, are deeply troubled by the escalating violence. Willis expressed her sorrow, particularly for the 14-year-old boy who lost his life on January 5 on Atlantic Ave, stating, “It is sad because he’s a little boy at the end of the day.”

In response to the surge in gun violence, city officials held a news conference last week, outlining their plans to combat the issue. One of the proposed measures includes the installation of additional surveillance cameras throughout the city. Furthermore, a recently awarded grant will enable the hiring of 30 new police officers, bolstering law enforcement efforts.

Mayor Marty Small Sr. emphasized the importance of community collaboration in curbing the violence. He urged residents to engage in available programs, particularly those aimed at involving youth. Small expressed his confidence in the Atlantic City Police Department and the anti-violence team, stating, “We can’t let our guard down because just in the snap of a finger it can go the other way, and that’s what’s happening now.”

While arrests have been made in some of the homicide cases, the city remains committed to addressing the issue comprehensively. Mayor Small is expected to delve further into the matter during his upcoming State of the City address, scheduled for next week.

As Atlantic City grapples with this surge in gun violence, the community hopes that these new tactics, combined with the collective efforts of residents, will help restore peace and ensure the safety of its residents and visitors alike.


Author: CrimeDoor

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