Atlanta Police Officer Fired After Death of Black Church Deacon During Traffic Dispute

Atlanta Police Officer Fired After Death of Black Church Deacon During Traffic Dispute

Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum has fired Officer Kiran Kimbrough following the death of Johnny Hollman Sr., a 62-year-old Black church deacon, during a traffic dispute. The decision to terminate Kimbrough’s employment came after an internal investigation concluded that he did not follow department procedures during the incident on August 10. The video recorded by Kimbrough’s body camera is expected to be released soon.

Hollman’s family and their lawyer, Mawuli Davis, have called for Kimbrough to be charged with murder. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has stated that the video will be made public once all witnesses have been interviewed, which could be as soon as Thursday. Kimbrough, who denies any wrongdoing, plans to appeal his firing.

Hollman became unresponsive while being arrested after a minor car crash. Relatives claim that Hollman, who was driving home from Bible study, collided with another vehicle and had to wait over an hour for police to arrive. The police department alleges that Hollman became agitated and uncooperative, leading to Kimbrough using a stun gun and handcuffing him. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation reported that a physical struggle occurred before Kimbrough deployed the stun gun.

An autopsy determined that Hollman’s death was a homicide, with heart disease also contributing to it. Medical examiner Dr. Melissa Sims-Stanley concluded, based on the video and conversations with investigators, that Hollman became unresponsive after being stunned. Hollman’s daughter, Arnitra Hollman, claims her father mentioned having asthma and difficulty breathing during the incident.

The Atlanta City Council has called for the release of the video, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s inquiry is ongoing.


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