Aryan Brotherhood RICO Trial Faces Intensifying Tensions as Defendants Threaten Each Other

Aryan Brotherhood RICO Trial Faces Intensifying Tensions as Defendants Threaten Each Other

The ongoing Aryan Brotherhood RICO trial in Sacramento has encountered a significant hurdle as tensions between two defendants, Ronald Dean Yandell and Danny Troxell, escalate to the point of death threats. During a van ride from the Robert Matsui Federal Courthouse to New Folsom prison, Yandell and Troxell engaged in a heated exchange, exchanging a barrage of threats that an officer described as a “10 out of 10” in terms of intensity.

Earlier that day, outside the presence of the judge and jury, Troxell’s lawyer and Yandell taunted and jeered at each other, as revealed in a court transcript. The verbal altercation continued during the prison van ride, with Yandell and Troxell exchanging expletives and death threats, according to an unnamed officer’s testimony.

Yandell, Troxell, and a third defendant, William Sylvester, are facing charges related to their alleged involvement in running illegal activities, orchestrating murders, and smuggling contraband within the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang. Former gang members have testified against them during the trial.

In light of the threats, prosecutors have requested that the defendants be shackled while in court. However, a defense attorney argued that this would render the trial “completely unworkable” and potentially prejudice the jurors. Chief U.S. District Judge Kimberly Mueller declined the request but ensured that all potential weapons were kept out of the defendants’ reach.

Tensions between Troxell and his co-defendants have been evident, particularly due to his defense strategy of portraying himself as a peacemaker and shifting blame onto the other two. Troxell’s lawyer, Todd Leras, has also questioned witnesses about potential violations of Aryan Brotherhood codes of conduct by Yandell and Sylvester.

The animosity reached a boiling point on March 5 when Leras engaged in a name-calling match with Yandell. The exchange escalated when Leras accused Yandell of being a “rat,” a highly derogatory term within prison gang politics. Yandell’s lawyer, Steven Kalar, described the insult as jaw-dropping and claimed it raised tensions to an extreme level.

Judge Mueller admonished all parties involved, reminding Leras of his responsibility as an officer of the court and urging the defendants to keep vitriol out of the courthouse. Leras apologized, and all three defendants promised to refrain from further confrontations.

The courtroom incident forced Judge Mueller to shift her focus from the complex issues of the racketeering case to mediating a schoolyard-like argument. She expressed disappointment at the accusations made and emphasized the sanctity of courtrooms.

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  1. It is unfortunate to see tensions escalating to such a dangerous level during the Aryan Brotherhood RICO trial in Sacramento. This situation highlights the importance of maintaining a safe and secure environment within the courtroom. It is crucial for the court to take immediate action to ensure the safety of all individuals involved, including the defendants, witnesses, and legal professionals.

    This real-world application emphasizes the need for effective security measures and protocols in courtrooms. It is essential for authorities to implement measures such as increased security personnel, thorough

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