Armed Suspects Rob 7-Eleven as Maryland Police Officer Remains Unaware

Surveillance footage from a 7-Eleven store in Waldorf, Maryland, has captured the audacious escape of three armed suspects who managed to evade a nearby police officer while robbing the convenience store. The incident occurred on February 8, as a getaway car pulled up next to a police cruiser stationed at the store on Berry Road. Astonishingly, the officer, who was specifically on the lookout for thieves, had his back turned to the store while leaning into the passenger side of his vehicle.

In the video, two of the robbers swiftly make their way past the officer, mere feet away, and successfully enter the getaway car. It is only when the officer realizes the unfolding situation and reaches for his sidearm that the thieves speed away. The officer immediately alerts his partner via radio, who promptly gives chase in his own police vehicle.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office had deployed officers to the convenience store following reports of a robbery at another 7-Eleven in neighboring Prince George’s County. The officers were actively canvassing nearby franchises when the incident occurred. Allegedly, the group responsible for the Waldorf robbery had forced the store employees into the back of the establishment at gunpoint before ransacking the premises.

Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Diane Richardson acknowledged that the officers were unaware of the ongoing robbery until it was too late. She emphasized that law enforcement officers often face dangerous situations, some with prior warning and others without. Richardson commended the officers for their swift response once they recognized the crime and their subsequent pursuit of the suspects.

It remains unclear if the individuals who escaped in the video are the same perpetrators involved in the robbery at the Prince George’s County 7-Eleven. Federal and local law enforcement agencies are currently conducting investigations into both incidents. The management of the Waldorf 7-Eleven did not provide immediate comment when contacted.

Author: CrimeDoor

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