Armed Men Kidnap 15 Pupils from Islamic Seminary in Northwestern Nigeria

Armed Men Kidnap 15 Pupils from Islamic Seminary in Northwestern Nigeria

Armed men have struck again in northwestern Nigeria, kidnapping 15 pupils from an Islamic seminary in the village of Gidan Bakuso, Sokoto state. The incident occurred on Saturday, just days after over 280 students were abducted from another school in the region. The children, aged between eight and 14, were taken from the seminary’s hostel while they were asleep, according to the police.

Liman Abubakar, the head of the seminary, expressed his concern over the safety of the children, while Sokoto police spokesman Ahmad Rufai confirmed that one woman was also abducted from the remote village. In response, a police tactical squad has been deployed to search for the students.

This marks the third mass kidnapping incident in northern Nigeria since late last week when suspected fighters abducted over 200 people, mostly women and children, in Borno state. Additionally, 287 students were taken hostage from a government primary and secondary school in Kaduna state on Thursday.

Residents of Kuriga, where the largest mass abduction occurred, have expressed feelings of abandonment by the government. Mustafa Abubakar, a student who managed to escape, described the attackers shooting indiscriminately and treating them like cattle. The military jets flying overhead added to the chaos, leaving the students in a state of fear and confusion.

Nura Ahmad, a teacher at the Kuriga secondary school, reported that 187 pupils were kidnapped from the secondary school, while 100 others were taken from the primary school. The compound housing both schools had been relocated due to security concerns, as the region has witnessed numerous attacks and abductions, leading to the closure of many schools.

The ongoing wave of kidnappings has raised concerns about the future of millions of children in Nigeria. Kaduna Governor Uba Sani assured the public that security forces are working tirelessly to bring back the abducted children. However, parents like Shehu Lawal expressed the constant fear and anxiety they live with, highlighting the lack of peace and peace of mind in their lives.

President Bola Tinubu has ordered security forces to pursue the attackers, but the military’s capacity is stretched thin due to multiple crises across the country. Local vigilante groups are insufficient to counter the armed gangs responsible for these kidnappings. Bandits, as they are known, operate in remote forests, terrorizing residents, looting villages, and demanding hefty ransoms for the release of their victims.

Since the infamous Chibok abduction in 2014, where 300 girls were taken, Nigeria has witnessed approximately 1,400 children being kidnapped. The previous major abduction in Kaduna occurred in July 2021 when 150 children were taken and later released after their families paid ransoms.

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