Armed Men Ambush Prison Van, Freeing Convicted Criminal and Killing Two Guards

Armed men wearing balaclavas launched a brazen ambush on a prison van in Incarville, Normandy, France, resulting in the escape of convicted criminal Mohamed Amra and the tragic deaths of two prison guards. The incident occurred near a toll booth on the A154 motorway on Tuesday morning, triggering a massive police manhunt.

According to officials, a black Peugeot 5008 forcefully rammed into the police van transporting Amra, a notorious drug dealer with ties to the Marseille gang. The attack left two guards dead and three others severely injured, one of whom remains in critical condition. Amra managed to escape, leaving authorities scrambling to locate him.

The French police, in their pursuit of justice, discovered two burned-out vehicles believed to have been used by the attackers. This shocking incident marks the first time prison officers have been killed in the line of duty since 1992, as stated by Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti.

The ambush took place near a toll booth in Incarville, a commune in the Normandy region. Amra was being transported from court to Evreux jail when the attack occurred. Traffic on the A154 motorway was temporarily halted following the incident.

Mohamed Amra, also known by aliases such as “Momo,” “La Mouche” (the fly), “Yanis,” and “Schtroumpf,” has a criminal history that includes burglary and an indictment for a kidnapping that resulted in a death. The 30-year-old has ties to the powerful “Blacks” gang in Marseille, an area plagued by drug-related gang violence.

The victims of this heinous act include a 52-year-old guard, a father of twins with three decades of experience, and another guard who was expecting a child with his five-month pregnant wife. Three additional officers sustained injuries during the assault.

In response to the incident, France’s main prison guards’ union called for a symbolic one-day shutdown of the country’s jails to express solidarity with their fallen colleagues. They also demanded an emergency meeting with the justice minister to address concerns regarding prison overcrowding and security risks.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin activated France’s Epervier plan, mobilizing approximately 450 officers in the Eure department to aid in the manhunt. President Emmanuel Macron expressed his determination to bring the perpetrators to justice, emphasizing that every effort would be made on behalf of the French people.

Amidst the shock and grief, Amra’s mother expressed disbelief at her son’s involvement, stating that he had not shown any indication of attempting to escape. The incident has sparked debates on law and order in French politics, particularly ahead of the upcoming European elections.

The attack, characterized as a brutal act of savagery, highlights the ongoing threat posed by organized crime in France. European Union’s Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson emphasized the need to combat this menace with unwavering determination.

As the manhunt intensifies, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by law enforcement in maintaining public safety. With the Olympic Games on the horizon, the incident raises concerns about security preparations in Marseille and the wider region.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. This incident can be likened to a well-coordinated chess move where the opposing player’s knight suddenly swoops in, capturing the king’s rook and leaving the king vulnerable to attack. In this case, the armed men wearing balaclavas acted as the knight, swiftly executing their plan to free the convicted criminal and leaving the prison guards defenseless, just like the king’s rook. The unexpected and calculated nature of the ambush mirrors the strategic moves in a game of chess, highlighting

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