Armed Good Samaritan Stops Dollar Store Robbery in Fort Lauderdale

Armed Good Samaritan Stops Dollar Store Robbery in Fort Lauderdale

A man who allegedly pistol-whipped an employee during an armed robbery at a dollar store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was apprehended thanks to the intervention of an armed good Samaritan. The incident occurred on September 13, when the suspect, identified as 20-year-old Nicolas Richard Lee Deas, approached the employee and requested entry into the store, claiming he had left his phone inside. However, it was later revealed that Deas intended to rob the store. Accompanied by an accomplice, Deas entered the store and ordered the employee at gunpoint to open the safe, threatening to kill him if he didn’t comply. The employee handed over $1,200 from the safe and was subsequently assaulted multiple times.

The commotion caught the attention of a nearby business owner, who was armed and quickly responded to the situation. The armed good Samaritan entered the store and held Deas at gunpoint until the police arrived. No shots were fired, and Deas’s alleged accomplice managed to escape. Deas was arrested and is currently in jail, facing charges of armed robbery, aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, grand theft of a firearm, and illegally carrying a concealed firearm. The identity of Deas’s accomplice remains unknown, and the police are actively searching for him.

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