Armed Gangs Attack Upscale Neighborhoods in Haiti’s Capital, Leaving Dozens Dead

Armed Gangs Attack Upscale Neighborhoods in Haiti’s Capital, Leaving Dozens Dead

Armed gangs unleashed a violent rampage in the upscale neighborhoods of Laboule and Thomassin in Haiti’s capital, resulting in the deaths of at least a dozen individuals. The assailants looted homes, forcing residents to flee while desperate pleas for police assistance flooded radio stations. Laboule and Thomassin, previously known for their peaceful atmosphere, were shaken by the horrifying sight of lifeless bodies strewn across the streets of Petion-Ville, situated just below these mountainous communities.

This brazen attack raises concerns that gang violence shows no signs of abating, despite Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s announcement of his impending resignation nearly a week ago. The gangs, who have long opposed Henry’s leadership due to his unelected status and alleged contribution to deepening poverty, had previously suggested that the violence would cease if he stepped down. However, critics argue that the gangs are vying for power themselves or acting on behalf of other undisclosed political figures.

As the relentless wave of gang violence continues, Caribbean leaders have been working towards the establishment of a transitional council to address the crisis. Originally intended to consist of seven members with voting powers, the council’s formation has faced obstacles. One political party rejected the seat offered to them, while another is embroiled in internal disputes over their nomination. This delay hampers the deployment of a UN-backed Kenyan police force, eagerly awaited to combat the gangs. Kenya has committed to sending 1,000 police officers to restore peace but will wait until the transitional council is in place.

In an effort to curb the escalating violence, Haiti’s government announced an extension of the nighttime curfew until March 20. However, the effectiveness of this measure remains uncertain in the face of the ongoing turmoil.

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