Arkansas Parole Board Chair Fired from Police Department for Lying About Sexual Relationship with Minor

In a shocking revelation, documents released by the Benton Police Department have shown that Jamol Jones, the newly appointed chair of Arkansas’ parole board by Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was fired from the department several years ago for lying to investigators about engaging in a sexual relationship with a minor. The personnel file, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request and first reported by Little Rock television station KATV, reveals that Jones was terminated in 2018 after he repeatedly lied to criminal investigators regarding his involvement with a 17-year-old girl.

Although no charges were filed against Jones, prosecutors determined that he had violated the department’s code of ethics by providing false information during the investigation. Jones initially claimed that he had only engaged in conversations with the girl, but later admitted to having sexual relations with her. He asserted that he was unaware of her age but acknowledged that there were clues, such as her references to attending classes throughout the day.

It remains unclear whether Governor Sanders or her office were aware of the investigation into Jones prior to his appointment as parole board chair. When questioned about the matter, Sanders’ spokeswoman, Alexa Henning, did not provide a direct response. Instead, she highlighted Jones’ military service and law enforcement background, stating that his experience made him a suitable candidate for the position.

Jones, an Army veteran who also served as a corporal assigned to patrol at training divisions at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, did not disclose whether he had discussed his firing and the investigation with the governor’s office before his appointment. In an email, he expressed remorse for his actions, acknowledging his mistake and seeking forgiveness from God, his family, and the community. Jones emphasized his pride in serving the country and the state.

As the chair of the parole board, Jones also holds a position on the state Board of Corrections. These revelations come amidst an ongoing power struggle between Governor Sanders and the panel over control of Arkansas’ prison system. A state judge recently blocked a law signed by Sanders that aimed to strip the board of its authority to hire and fire the secretary of corrections. Following the ruling, the board dismissed Sanders’ appointee to the post.

The implications of Jones’ past misconduct raise questions about his suitability for the role of parole board chair and his ability to make impartial decisions regarding the release of inmates. The public awaits further clarification from Governor Sanders and the parole board regarding their knowledge of Jones’ history and their stance on his continued service in this crucial position.


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  1. Wow, this is a truly disturbing revelation! It’s important that the public is aware of such serious misconduct, especially when it involves someone in a position of power like Jamol Jones. I believe it’s crucial to spread this information to as many people as possible.

    I would be more than willing to share this post on my social media accounts to help raise awareness. This way, my friends, followers, and readers can also stay informed about this shocking incident. Additionally, if you have a website or

  2. This is truly a disturbing revelation about Jamol Jones. It reminds me of a personal experience I had with someone who held a position of authority but abused their power.

    A few years ago, I worked for a small non-profit organization that aimed to support underprivileged youth in our community. One of our board members, let’s call him Mark, seemed like a dedicated and compassionate individual. He was well-respected in the community and had a successful career in law enforcement.

    However, as time went on

  3. This is a deeply concerning situation that highlights the importance of thorough background checks and vetting processes for individuals appointed to positions of power and responsibility. It is crucial for government agencies and organizations to implement strict protocols to prevent such individuals from being appointed or reappointed to positions where they can potentially harm others.

    One potential solution to prevent similar incidents in the future is the implementation of a standardized and comprehensive background check system for all candidates being considered for positions of authority. This system should include thorough investigations into an individual’s

  4. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord Acton

    This quote resonates with the post because it highlights the potential dangers of giving someone in a position of authority unchecked power. In this case, Jamol Jones was appointed as the chair of Arkansas’ parole board, a position that requires trust and integrity. However, the revelation that he was fired from the police department for lying about engaging in a sexual relationship with a minor raises concerns about his character and ability to make

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