Arizona Mother Convicted of Second-Degree Murder and Child Abuse in Daughter’s Death

Denise Janelle Snow-Ingram, 48

In a recent verdict, an Arizona jury found Denise Janelle Snow-Ingram, 48, guilty of second-degree murder and child abuse in connection with the 2013 death of her 16-month-old daughter. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office announced that the child, who weighed only 9 pounds at the time of her death, succumbed to malnutrition and Rickets, a disease caused by vitamin D deficiency.

The case unfolded on July 10, 2013, when Snow-Ingram called 911 reporting her daughter’s unresponsiveness. The child was subsequently pronounced dead at a hospital. According to the prosecution, Snow-Ingram had provided an inadequate diet and neglected necessary medical care for her daughter. Medical experts testifying at the trial concurred that Rickets is typically the result of insufficient sunlight exposure and poor diet.

Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell expressed sorrow over the case, highlighting the tragedy of a parent neglecting their child’s basic needs. “This was a child who stood no chance of surviving in the hands of her own parents,” Mitchell said, commending the prosecutors and victim advocate for their efforts in seeking justice for the young victim.

The child’s father has already been sentenced to prison on charges of manslaughter and child abuse. Snow-Ingram awaits her sentencing scheduled for January 19, 2024, and faces the possibility of life imprisonment.

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