Antioch Resident Arrested After Fleeing Police in High-Speed Chase

Antioch resident Andrew Early, 20, was apprehended by Oakley Police Department’s special services team officers on Friday after a high-speed chase. The pursuit began when officers observed Early’s vehicle speeding and running two red lights. In response, the police initiated a pursuit of the driver.

Early swiftly pulled into an apartment complex located at 2747 Winding Lane in Antioch and immediately fled on foot. However, the officers were able to catch up with him and successfully took him into custody.

Following his arrest, Early was booked into jail on multiple charges, including fleeing from officers, resisting arrest, and forgery. The Oakley Police Department is currently conducting further investigations into the incident.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. Great post! I found the information about Andrew Early’s apprehension by the Oakley Police Department’s special services team officers after a high-speed chase to be quite intriguing. Could you please provide more details about the circumstances surrounding the chase? It would be interesting to know what led to the pursuit and how it unfolded. Thank you!

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