Antioch Library Reopens with Armed Security Guard Following Security Incidents

The Antioch Library in Contra Costa County, California, reopened on Tuesday after being closed indefinitely due to a series of security incidents. The decision to add an armed security guard to the property was made by the county over the weekend. As patrons arrived at the library when it opened at noon, they were greeted by an armed security guard stationed outside.

Library spokesperson Brooke Converse stated that last week marked a tipping point in a long list of safety issues. Incidents included threats to staff and library property, multiple instances of property damage, and even cases of arson. Shockingly, there were reports of people engaging in sexual intercourse both inside and outside the library, in full view of patrons and staff.

In response to these escalating security concerns, the county negotiated an emergency contract with a private security company. The agreement ensures the presence of a full-time armed guard with a patrol car outside the library, responsible for monitoring the property and parking lot. Additionally, an unarmed full-time security guard is already stationed inside the library.

Antioch Mayor Lamar Hernandez-Thorpe expressed concern over the sudden closure in a letter to the county administrator, stating that neither the city nor the police department were aware of the public safety problem. The closure blindsided them. However, the library claims that police reports were filed in many of these incidents.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. I had a similar experience at my local library a few years ago. The library had to close down temporarily due to multiple security incidents that occurred within a short period of time. These incidents included theft, vandalism, and even a physical altercation between two patrons.

    The library management took immediate action to address the security concerns. They installed security cameras throughout the premises, increased the number of security guards, and implemented stricter entry protocols. Additionally, they conducted training sessions for staff members on how to handle security incidents effectively

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