Anti-Israel Protesters Assault Jewish Man in Manhattan During Met Gala Demonstrations

Anti-Israel Protesters Assault Jewish Man in Manhattan During Met Gala Demonstrations

A disturbing incident unfolded in Manhattan on Monday night as a mob of unruly anti-Israel protesters targeted a Jewish man during demonstrations near the Met Gala. The incident was captured on video and shared on the Instagram page of the Jew Hate Database. The footage shows a group of pro-Palestinian protesters engaged in a confrontation with the lone man on an Upper East Side street.

In the video, one person can be heard shouting, “Get the f–k out of the way,” as the protesters seemingly attempt to force the man away from their Palestinian-flag-waving group. As the Jewish man slowly retreats and steps over a flowerbed, one of the aggressive anti-Israel protesters leans over and snatches his Star of David head scarf, known as a sudra, before fleeing. The mob continues to push the man backward, but he manages to retrieve his scarf from the taunting protester.

A scuffle quickly ensues, with several men repeatedly assaulting the Jewish man in the face and head as he tries to back away. Nearly a dozen men can be seen attempting to chase down the victim, who eventually breaks free and flees the scene. A witness who filmed the incident from the opposite side of the street has taken her footage to the local NYPD precinct. It remains unclear if anyone has been charged in connection with the assault.

The violence erupted following a demonstration organized by the Palestinian activist group Within Our Lifetime, as part of their “Day of Rage” protest. Over 1,000 protesters attempted to converge on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Met Gala, but were met with resistance from law enforcement. Approximately two dozen individuals were arrested near Madison Ave and East 83rd Street after marching from CUNY’s Hunter College. As the protesters were redirected towards Central Park, they vandalized a World War I memorial and burned a US flag.

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