Anti-Flag Lead Singer Justin Sane Faces Imminent Departure Amid Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Anti-Flag Lead Singer Justin Sane Faces Imminent Departure Amid Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Anti-Flag lead singer Justin Sane, also known as Justin Geever, is reportedly making plans to flee the United States as he faces a sexual assault lawsuit, according to legal documents obtained by Rolling Stone. The amended complaint, filed by Kristina Sarhadi in the Northern District Court of New York, alleges that Geever has been intentionally evading service of the lawsuit since November 2023. Sarhadi claims that Geever recently sold his Pittsburgh home and transferred funds to an Irish bank account in an attempt to conceal his assets. It is further alleged that Geever, who holds dual citizenship and possesses an Irish passport, intends to escape to Europe within the next few days.

Settlement negotiations between Sarhadi and Geever’s attorney, Michael Johnson, reached an impasse when Johnson ceased communication, according to the lawsuit. Furthermore, Johnson failed to fulfill his promise to assist in serving Geever with the lawsuit. Sarhadi is now seeking court authorization for Geever’s sister, Mary, who is reportedly his Power of Attorney, to accept service on his behalf.

Last year, Sarhadi appeared on the enough. podcast and revealed her experience of being violently raped by Geever in October 2010. Although she did not mention Geever by name during the podcast, fans quickly identified him, leading to Anti-Flag disbanding and erasing their social media presence. In September, Sarhadi and 12 other women spoke to Rolling Stone, accusing Geever of predatory behavior, sexual assault, and statutory rape spanning several years and across the United States and Europe.

The lawsuit alleges that Geever exploited his fame and Anti-Flag’s feminist stance to systematically target underage girls and young women for sexual encounters, sometimes involving violence. Sarhadi is also suing Anti-Flag’s company, Hardwork Distribution, for negligence, claiming that the other band members, Patrick Bollinger (Pat Thetic), Chris Head, and Chris Barker (Chris No. 2), were aware of Geever’s actions and facilitated them.

Following the publication of the Rolling Stone article, Anti-Flag released a statement expressing their disgust at the allegations against Geever and acknowledging the bravery of the women who came forward. However, Sarhadi claims that the band has taken extreme measures to avoid accountability and abandoned restorative justice talks in early 2024. She asserts that none of the band members have taken responsibility or apologized for their failure to protect their fans and community.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. I am curious to know what the author’s thoughts or opinions are on the issue of musicians or public figures facing serious allegations such as sexual assault. Do you believe that these individuals should be allowed to flee the country to avoid facing legal consequences?

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