Another Woman Accuses Nigel Lythgoe of Sexual Assault

In the latest development of the ongoing sexual assault allegations against former television producer Nigel Lythgoe, another woman has come forward accusing him of assault. The woman, identified as Jane Doe to protect her privacy, alleges that Lythgoe forcibly touched her in his car in 2016 after insisting on driving her home. This accusation follows similar claims made by Paula Abdul, an “American Idol” alum, and two other women who filed lawsuits against Lythgoe in January.

According to the complaint, Jane Doe met Lythgoe at a Beverly Hills hotel bar on February 13, 2016, where she was celebrating her birthday with friends and family. After taking a photo with the producer and engaging in conversation, Lythgoe invited her to have drinks with him and his associates. Later, he insisted on driving her home, which was only a block away from the hotel. However, the complaint alleges that Lythgoe’s intentions were not innocent, as he began groping and kissing Jane Doe in the car. Despite her attempts to resist, Lythgoe became more forceful and even penetrated her genitalia. The assault lasted for approximately ten to fifteen minutes, during which Jane Doe experienced shock, guilt, humiliation, embarrassment, and emotional distress.

Jane Doe is seeking undisclosed damages, attorney fees, and other legal costs related to the lawsuit. Lythgoe’s representative has not yet responded to the allegations.

These recent accusations add to a series of sexual assault claims made against the 74-year-old British producer. Paula Abdul, who served as a judge on “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance,” accused Lythgoe of assault during her time on his shows. Lythgoe denied Abdul’s allegations, stating that their relationship was entirely platonic. Additionally, two former contestants from Lythgoe’s show “All American Girl” accused him of sexual assault in 2003, claiming that his behavior was openly accepted by the production team.

As a result of the mounting pressure and allegations, Lythgoe has stepped back from his roles on “So You Think You Can Dance.” The show will continue without him, with Jojo Siwa replacing him as a judge for the upcoming season.

Author: CrimeDoor

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