American Woman Vanishes in Madrid Under Mysterious Circumstances

An American woman, Ana Maria Knezevic, has gone missing in Madrid under puzzling circumstances. Knezevic, a naturalized American originally from Colombia, had traveled to Spain in December to take a break and explore new places. However, her disappearance two weeks ago has raised concerns among her family and friends, who describe her ongoing divorce from her Serbian husband as a contentious affair.

The events leading up to Knezevic’s disappearance are shrouded in mystery. Security cameras at her Madrid apartment building were disabled by an unidentified man wearing a motorcycle helmet, who spray-painted the lenses. The following day, two friends received separate text messages from Knezevic’s phone, one in English and the other in Spanish. The messages claimed that she had run off with a man she had just met and would be away for a few days. However, the messages were written in an emotionless style that did not match Knezevic’s usual manner of communication, according to her friends.

Concerns about Knezevic’s safety have been heightened due to her petite stature, which is smaller than the height listed on her driver’s license. Her friends have expressed disbelief that she would willingly engage in such risky behavior. Authorities in Madrid and Fort Lauderdale have been notified, and investigations have been launched on both sides of the Atlantic. However, no official comments have been provided by the police or the American embassy in Madrid.

Knezevic’s photograph has been circulated by Spain’s Missing Persons Association, but no leads have been generated thus far. Knezevic and her husband, David Knezevic, own a technology solutions company in South Florida and have been married for 13 years. Their divorce is reportedly acrimonious, with a significant amount of money at stake. David Knezevic’s current whereabouts are unknown, and he has not responded to inquiries from Ana’s family.

Ana’s brother, Juan Henao, has expressed hope that the international attention surrounding her disappearance will prompt the authorities to prioritize the search for his sister. The Knezevics’ Fort Lauderdale home appears neglected, with an overflowing mailbox and dirty cars. Ana’s friends have stated that she never mentioned fearing her husband or any abusive behavior.

Ana had chosen an apartment in Madrid’s affluent Salamanca quarter and had made plans to meet a Spanish friend in Barcelona before reuniting with her friend Sanna Rameau in Madrid. However, on the evening of February 2, the security cameras at her apartment complex were disabled. Ana had a normal phone call with a friend shortly after, but neighbors reported seeing her for the last time around that time.

Rameau became alarmed when she received a text message from Ana’s phone the next day, claiming that she had met someone and was going away for a few days. The text messages received by both Rameau and the Spanish friend appeared to have been translated by a computer, raising suspicions. Concerned by Ana’s lack of response to their calls and texts, Rameau and the Spanish friend contacted the police. Firefighters conducted a wellness check at Ana’s apartment but found nothing amiss.

Madrid police indicated that they would investigate further if Ana did not show up for her planned trip to Barcelona. When she failed to appear, detectives sought permission from a Spanish judge to search her phone records and apartment. However, without strong evidence of a crime, their request was denied. Rameau and the Spanish friend later discovered the incident with the security cameras and promptly informed the police.

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